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Eric searches his house in order to find out what more Kate his been hiding from him.

John has an investigator look into Kate's past and he finds a birth certificate for the baby she had. She gave up her child when she was sixteen and the father is listed as unknown. John tells Eric not to be too judgmental of Kate.

Eric learns from Cornell that Kate took out $100 grand from his savings account. She suspects that it's to get away from him. He later discovers that he  received a second extortion letter from someone threatened to tell people about his previously killing someone. They wanted money, and the money Kate took out was probably to pay them off.

He wants to turn it in to Cornell but his sister tells him not to because it would further  make him a suspect. 

Amanda calls Cornell out on divulging Eric's previous time in a juvenile facility because his record was expunged. It is revealed that Steven was bullying Eric when he was a kid and Eric punched him once. The coroner revealed that it could have been an injury sustained from football.

Eric can't figure out what's in Kate's deposit box because Cornell has already got the remains from it. She won't release them to him.

Neal is beat up by a stranger in the alley. Cornell comes to investigate and focuses on Neal, because he's lying about knowing the person who was after him and he's lied about things in the past like the money he uses for expenses, that Kate confronted him about before she died.

Cornell brings in Eric's ex girlfriend to speak to her and Eric is concerned that she will say something that will for sure make him a suspect. He already starts making arrangements to resign from the firm. 


Secrets and Lies
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Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Eric: Kate's black eye was an accident. She was walking into the kitchen when I opened the cupboard.
Cornell: Are you telling me that your wife walked into a door?

You publicly exposed Eric's juvenile record at his wife's memorial. A record that was sealed and expunged. It no longer exist!