Be careful Mr. Warner, the system hasn't changed all that much since the last bid you served.


Eric: I don't want to get in your way, Detective, but as long as I have questions about what my wife did up until the moment she died, I will continue to look into it.
Cornell: See, that's a problem for me.
Eric: I'm sure you'll get over it,.

Cornell: You've cost me a lot of time and effort. Time better spent finding out who killed your wife, or don't you care?
Eric: I care a great deal.
Cornell: Then help me.

Cornell: Oh they wouldn't talk to me without an attorney, very thorough advice they got from you.
Eric: But it makes sense. Innocent men have gone to prison talking to you without one.

I speak for the dead, Mr. Warner. I speak for Kate now. Not you or your family.


Eric: It's okay for you to lie to me, but if I lie to you? It's proof I killed my wife.
Cornell: Why would you lie to the police, Mr. Warner?
Eric: The real question is why does anyone talk to you at all?

Cornell: If you didn't kill your wife then I'm not your enemy.
Eric: That's comforting. Our relationship became adversarial the moment you decided I was the killer.

It seems all I do anymore is apologize to everyone.


Charlie: Mr. Warner, do you know who my father is?
Eric: (nods at Mark) He is.

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Belinda: I get it now. Why Kate was so insistent about meeting Charlie. She was pregnant....when I read about her murder, I realized she didn't want a new baby, until she knew the one she gave up had everything he needed.
Charlie: I did.

Mark: Our son had a right to know his mother.
Belinda: I'm his mother!
Mark: Kate gave birth to him.

Mark: You should leave. I'm calling the police.
Eric: Use my phone.

Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Server: Is there anything else? My shift starts in an hour.
Cornell: Please go.

I want kids. He doesn't. How do I fix that?