I can't fully serve the people or my son if my sense of the world is different from theirs. I'm saying, I think I've seen enough. I want to live in the same world as my son. I want to hear, feel, smell what he does.


Nevla: We've all just borne witness to the destructive power of vision. It is the position of the Trivantian people that vision simply poses too much of a risk to all of us.
Maghra: I understand your position. But it was not vision that built Tormada's bombs, but Tormada's cruel exploitation of sighted children that accessed the knowledge of the ancients. And it is that destructive knowledge, not vision itself, that needs to be outlawed.

Tormada: My queen!
Sibeth: You called for me.
Tormada: Tell her what you hear.
Soldier: Nothing.
Sibeth: Nothing?
Soldier: No voices. No tools. No sizzle of pans or fires in the pits. No babies crying. Just the muffled sounds of many feet.

Baba Voss: You should go home, my friend.
Ranger: My home was blown up, thanks to you.
Baba Voss: You know what I mean.
Ranger: Ah, you know what I mean. I've avoided humanity for almost 20 years. And if I live through this, the day will soon come where I will avoid them for another 20. But today is not that day.
Baba Voss: Damn it, Ranger.

Tormada: I do have one request. Your nephew ...
Sibeth: Kofun?
Tormada: I wish you'd asked me before you released him. Having lost the rest of Jerlamarel's children, he would have been invaluable to me.
Sibeth: You do realize that my arrangement with the Witchfinders is based on an agreement that all sighted are witches and must be burned?
Tormada: I won't need them forever. I have been working on adapting the system to no longer require their sight. Hmm? Until then, though, the Witchfinders will just need to agree to certain exceptions.
Sibeth: The Witchfinders can be dangerous.
Tormada: So can I.

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Maghra: What is it?
Haniwa: Mama...
Maghra: Can you bring it? A sound wand? What else is in the box?
Haniwa: Just this old map. It looks like Pennsa.
Maghra: It is Pennsa, but something else too. Oh, Harlan! You sneaky bastard.
Haniwa: What is it?
Maghra: Tunnels. Smugglers tunnels.
Haniwa: Where do they go?
Maghra: Outside the city.

Poor Kofun. Always and forever behind.


Baba Voss: … What I do know, is that you are your mother's son. You have had her compassion and wisdom from a young age. I know you think that that makes you soft. That makes you strong. Like your mother, you will make a great king
Kofun: What? What are you talking about? I wouldn't be king.
Baba Voss: Spoken like a true king.

Shiloh: Tamacti Jun, give me my honor. Finish me.
Tamacti Jun: Death must be earned, Shiloh. Trust me, I know.
Shiloh: Kill me. KILL MEEE!

I never had to fight for my crown. I was born into the monarchy. A queen ordained by god. I wore the crown, but it always felt a little … light -- to me. But now, the crown will be forged in the burning flames of war. And I will be a queen reborn. Anointed by the blood of my enemies.


Maghra: You said the council had already assembled?
Tamacti Jun: It has.
Maghra: Then why don't I hear them?

Sheva: Haniwa, thank you for saving my family.
Haniwa: I guess they were my family too.
Sheva: That means we are sisters.
Haniwa: I'm sorry about your home.
Sheva: It's okay. There are others.

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Harlan: You have had a child with a deranged, murderous woman.
Kofun: Oh, fuck, Harlan.
Harlan: You know it. She's insane

Birth Aid: Try to be calm
Sibeth: You be calm... I'm being torn open from the inside out.