Samantha: The only place you can control a man is in bed. If we perpetually gave men blow jobs we could run the world.
Carrie: At least our hands would be free to greet dignitaries and stuff.

Carrie: Hey, I don't need therapy. I need new friends.
Samantha: Look, we're as fucked up as you are. It's like the blind leading the blind.

Carrie: I don't pick the wrong guys, they pick me.
Miranda: So what, your like a fly strip for dysfunctional men?
Carrie: Yeah, but one of those really pretty floral scented ones.

Stanford: How can you not have a shrink? This is Manhattan. Even the shrinks have shrinks. I have three.
Carrie: No, you don't.
Stanford: Yes, one for when I want to be cuddled, one for when I want tough love and one for when I want to look at a beautiful man.
Carrie: That's sick!
Stanford: Which is why I see the other two.

Charlotte: I mean even if you're still in a relationship you still have to play games.
Carrie: Big and I played games look where it got us.
Charlotte: But maybe the game is not really over, maybe it's just halftime.
Miranda: With that kind of delusional thinking, is why you should be in therapy too.

It's slim pickings out there. You can't swing a Fendi purse without knocking over five losers.


Carrie: He's a photographer.
Samantha: And you met him at your shrink's?
Carrie: It wasn't a setup or anything. Jeez! What if he's crazy?
Samantha: It's the crazy ones that have the good pills.

Carrie: Isn't part of the whole break up process that you get free rein to whine to your friends?
Charlotte: Of course you do!
Miranda: But, maybe you should think about whinning to a shrink.
Carrie: Why should I pay someone when we can talk for free and then go get drinks or whatever? I don't need professional help, I've got you guys.
Samantha: For another ten minutes.
Miranda: Then we're cutting you off, cold turkey.

Carrie: It's about the fact that I wasn't even a factor in his decision-making process.
Miranda: Totally.
Samantha: Men do this all the time. Women walk around thinking "we", and their version of "we", is "me and my dick".
Miranda: Totally!

Miranda: Great, your love life takes you to Paris and I'm fucking in the back of a cab.
Carrie: That's lovely.
Miranda: And, it's not just there, we've done it in the bathroom at Bond Street....
Charlotte: Oh, I just ate there.
Miranda: The elevator at the Marriott Marquis and a public restroom in Central Park.
Carrie: How very George Michael of you.

Stanford: Excuse me, but when did wild sex come back in style?
Carrie: Oh I think that was the weekend you spent at the Barney's warehouse sale.
Waiter: (male, barely dressed) Three cosmopolitans, a diet coke, and a vodka martini with a twist.
Samantha: (whips the table) I said olive! (Waiter bends over, and Samantha gives his butt a whipping) Bad waiter! Bad waiter!
Miranda: What do you tip for that?
Samantha: Anyone else want a whack?
Charlotte: How does he wait our tables dressed like that, it's humiliating.
Carrie: Well the summer I worked at Howard Johnson's I had to wear an orange hat.
Samantha: Don't be so judgemental! This is just a sexual expression. All these people have jobs and pay their bills. They're just having fun with fetishes. (tickling Charlotte with the tip of her whip) Hmm, I wonder what your fetish is.
Stanford: Charlotte has a thing for Crabtree & Evelyn foot cream.
Charlotte: I don't have a fetish!
Samantha: We all have a fetish! The difference between us and them is, they're putting it out there where everyone can see. And I think it's healthy and fabulous.
Carrie: (getting up) Well, it was lovely to see you all. And remember ladies, whipping on the first date is considered forward.
Stanford: You sit your ass down, Mistress Carrie, there are drinks present.
Carrie: No can do, Big's flying to Paris tomorrow for business and I want to say goodbye.
Samantha: Oh, why not give him a goodbye he'll never forget? (hands the whip and top hat to Carrie)
Stanford: Sacre bleu!
Samantha: Go get 'im, girl!

After we made love I knew it was over. Did I ever really love Big or was I addicted to the pain, the exquisite pain of wanting someone so unattainable?


Sex and the City Season 2 Quotes

Me, James and his tiny penis, we're one big happy family.


Samantha: Why are we sitting all the way up here?
Carrie: It's the only place I can smoke without Giuliani putting me away for ten years.