Found in his car, shot in the head and in the heart, with his tongue cut out, because of Julia Ayres.


Sometimes the struggle is so primal, we're compelled to take justice into our own hands.


We control the streets because they believe we do. If they stop believing, it stops being true.


Loman: Why did you pick me to be in this squad?
Wozniak: What are you, writing a memoir?

Loman: Makes me wonder what my role here really is, Woz.
Wozniak: Your role is to stop leaving dead bodies in your wake.

Harlee: I can't protect the people that I love without hurting other people.
Nava: Maybe you don't need to work so hard to save them from themselves.

Wozniak: When my daughter died I spun out and I tore the city apart looking for the dealer who sold her the drugs. Nate found him, took a bat to his head and left him lying in the street.
Harlee: So Julia covered it up.
Wozniak: Don't make me choose.