Wozniak: You were my second chance. You were a gift.
Harlee: I wasn’t always such a gift.
Wozniak: You were.
Harlee: God, I love you.
Wozniak: That’s always been your worst quality.

Wozniak: It always comes back to this.
Harlee: You and me.

I’m done with coverups and I’m done with lies and I’m done being afraid. Mr. Chairman, why would I admit to this if I wasn’t telling the truth?


[to Wozniak] You’ve always had my back. If you love me you’ll have it one last time.


There is a part of me that is so broken, I have to fix it now or I may never get the chance.


That’s how family works. We take care of each other.


Cole: Make sure you really know what you’re doing before you do it.
Harlee: I do. I’ll take the leap alone.

Harlee: Ramsey’s on the Commission.
Cole: I told you there’s no beating him.
Harlee: Until someone does. Until someone pushes past the fear, stops doubting and takes the leap.

Cole: In my line of work you don’t leap without knowing where the ground is.
Harlee: And in my line of work you don’t let your partner go through the door without backup.

Enrique: Thank you, Juantia.
Tess: Don’t thank me. Thank limited choices and desperate times.

Nothing is simple. Everything is complicated and twisted and everybody gets screwed in the end.


He’s on a cold tray in a moldy basement and you’ve got all your tomorrows lined up.


Shades of Blue Quotes

Harlee: How much do you want to know?
Woz: How much do I need to know?

It happened so slowly I didn't realize and so quickly I never saw it coming.