I'm sorry Chef, Mr. Hat is a racist bastard.

Mr. Garrison

All animals kill, and the animals that don't kill are stupid ones like cows and turtles and stuff.


KKK leader: Good evening, brothers. Our first order of business tonight is to have Brother Anderson update us on last week's minutes.
Brother Anderson: Last week we decided we hate blacks and Jews... A lot.

KKK Leader: Well that's enough rallying for this afternoon, members. Let's go take a hot shower!
KKK Members: Hot shower! Hot shower! Hot shower!

The rest of you go get the goods on Stan. His mom grounded him once for setting something on fire. Let's find out what that something was and then lie and say it was a puppy.


South Park Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

(to Kenny, who's eating a bowl of mints)
Kyle: Look, Kenny, I know your family's poor, but you cant just eat a bowl of mints for dinner...
Kenny: (Muffled) Well, f**k you.(Flips Kyle off)

Kyle: Kenny ate all the mints, dad.
Gerald: Oh, those weren't mints, those were antacid tablets.
Kyle: oh...
Kyle & Stan: KENNY!
(Kenny drinks water then explodes)