You’ll never get back to them if you keep thinking about them. You know better than that.


Aaliyah: Eshan knows about us. He doesn’t know, but…he knows. I bet that’s the last of New York I’ll see for a while. And in two days all I will know of love is what I can imagine, and what I can remember. That’s not fair to you to say, but it’s true. And maybe you’ll remember me someday.
Cruz: You’re gonna be pretty hard to forget.

Aaliyah: Are you my friend?
Cruz: Don’t ask me that.
Aaliyah: Are you?
Cruz: I don’t know what the fuck I am.
Aaliyah: But you know you want this. You know that. Tell me that you don’t.

They say you only think you know love until you have a child. Now, something must happen – something biological, because I can’t stand children. They’re too noisy and dirty, and yeah, not a fan. But I hope I love my children. I hope God gives me that. Maybe it will be enough.


Kate: Is it dangerous? Where you’re going?
Joe: Yes.
Kate: Could you be killed?
Joe: Yes.
Kate: Are you going there to kill someone else?
Joe: I can’t answer that, Kate.
Kate: You just did.
Joe: Hey, I need you to give me your word this stays between us, okay? And only us – you can’t even tell your father about this. Promise me.
Kate: I promise. Are you scared?
Joe: Very scared.
Kate: You promise me that you’ll come back.
Joe: It’s bad luck to make that promise. I promise you I’ll try.
Kate: Mom?
Joe: Yeah.
Kate: I love you.
Joe: I love you, too.

There is nothing safe inside this world…but there is a world inside the world. A special world, and I’m going to show it to you.


Aaliyah: Did you think about this morning?
Cruz: I don’t know what to think about this morning.
Aaliyah: Me neither. But, it’s all I think about. Have you thought about it?
Cruz: Yeah, I’ve thought about it.
Aaliyah: Come here.

Look at me, I know how it feels. Always on guard, no one you can confide in. There’s alone, and then there’s you. I get it. I also know that you have been abused and ignored, you have no family. You have no friends, and you gave yourself to the Marines, and then to me – and now you have a purpose, and it is noble, but it can’t make you feel loved. It can’t make you feel wanted, and people need that. She made you feel that, and I’m glad, but don’t delude yourself into thinking she’s in love with you. You’re her last hurrah before she assumes the role of baby-maker and baby-raiser.


For me to choose love would be the death of me.


Neil: What time is it?
Joe: It’s late.
Neil: Too late for a nightcap?
Joe: It’s never too late for a nightcap.

Aaliyah: How can I stand up for you if you don’t tell me the truth?
Cruz: No more lies.

Aaliyah: Describe to me your perfect man so when I’m shopping, I’ll know what to look for.
Cruz: Kind. Capable. Stand up for his beliefs – I don’t really care what his beliefs are, as long as he stands up for them. Stands up for me. Looks me in the eye when he speaks.
Aaliyah: What does he look like?
Cruz: I couldn’t care less.

Special Ops: Lioness Quotes

Sergeant: So you do know what it means. We’re the strong – we protect the weak. We are merciless in that endeavor, is that an endeavor you wish to pursue?
Cruz: Yes, Sir.
Sergeant: There’s 1.4 million active-duty personnel in the armed forces. They all do their part, but there’s not 1000 among them that we can call on to make a difference. I think you could be one of those few, but it means walking away from the life that you’ve lived up to this point and never looking back. That life is over.
Cruz: I have no life, Sir.
Sergeant: You do now.

Marine Recruiter: You do that to his face?
Cruz: I cheated. I used a frying pan.
Marine Recruiter: In war, if you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying.
Cruz: I’ve been at war my whole life, then.
Marine Recruiter: Well, you came to the right place.