I put people into that simulation so they can learn how to deal with defeat.


Boimler: This whole time, I've either been one step behind you or totally in the dark.
Mariner: Yeah, but only because I'm pretty amazing.

Starfleet doesn't just need badass cool people like me. They need, like, booksmart people like you too!


Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Well, if you see an unaligned EPS conduit, don't call me. Mine are aligned as hell.


Boimler: I'm going to be piloting General K'rin down to Talgana IV.
Tendi: K'rin... How do I know that name?
Boimler: Maybe because he's like one of the most decorated and battle-hardened Klingon warriors in history?
Mariner: Or maybe it's just cause all the Klingon names sound the same? Like they all have an apostrophe for some reason.
Tendi: Yes! That's it!