Bryan: Why come to me?
Marie: Because you know who we're dealing with.
Bryan: Yeah, I know.

I will never rest until my son, who you killed is avenged, and you will not let go of the need to avenge your sister.

Mejia [to Bryan]

How do you know you haven't been hacked or broken into? Have you even considered that?

Asha [to Bryan]

I like your face. Do you have a problem with that?

Christina [to Harry]

Mossad chief: We are friends, no?
Christina: Good friends.
Mossad chief: Ah, the worst words to hear from a beautiful woman!

Leah: If they know, they will want to retire me.
Christina: With a bullet.

Scott: This was a big mistake.
Bryan: Shhh! People are trying to read.

Leah: Has anyone ever told you you have a kind face?
Bryan: I do?

You remember Beirut, when I was your asset in uncertain times. You owe me.

Leah [to Christina]

I don't know. Half the world wants me dead.

Leah [to John]

You keep pulling stunts like that, and the time will come when one of us doesn't make it back. You think about that.

John [to Bryan]

Now it's time for you to answer some questions.

Bryan [to his former interrogator]

Taken Quotes

John [to captured gunman]: Didn't she just tell you it would be impossible to say nothing forever?
Gunman: You cops?
Becca: Please.
John: If you haven't figured it out already, your life is now in our hands. If I were you, I'd learn to live in the moment.

Bryan: Excuse me to lookng out for my little sister.
Cali: All grown up now.