Juarez FBI Agent: What do you want?
Christina: Everything. Pleasure doing business with you.

Bryan Mills needs help, and you owe him.

Becca [to Marie Salt]

You're some pain in the ass, you know that?

John [to Bryan]

Another innocent person dies, and Mejia wins. Is that who we are? If so I quit.

to the team}

If you can smuggle children across the border, you can send him back the same way.

Bryan [to Mejia's ex-wife]

I am coming. I will find you. And I will find him. And there's nothing he, or anybody else, can do to stop me now. Nothing.

Bryan [to Asha]

Talk to your boyfriend. We need to keep him motivated.

Mejia [to Asha]

Country-singing woman: Hey, I hope you find her.
Bryan: I will.

Riley: All [Bryan's] going to care about is getting her back.
Christina: So we have to stop him ... for his own good.

Mejia: Do you ever think about those you killed, like my son, or are there too many to remember?
Bryan: I think about my sister.

Marie: I want him to die.
Bryan: I know.

Get me a helo.

Bryan [to Christina]

Taken Quotes

John [to captured gunman]: Didn't she just tell you it would be impossible to say nothing forever?
Gunman: You cops?
Becca: Please.
John: If you haven't figured it out already, your life is now in our hands. If I were you, I'd learn to live in the moment.

Bryan: Excuse me to lookng out for my little sister.
Cali: All grown up now.