Finstock: Hey, what changed your mind?
Liam: I held a guy's hand.
Finstock: I get it. I totally get it.

Scott: I know this sounds crazy, but I think I had a best friend, and I think he was out here with me that night.
Malia: It doesn't sound crazy. I know that someone chained me up, and I think they wanted me to stay human.
Lydia: I came to school this morning, and I was sure I was supposed to meet someone, but I couldn't remember who I was supposed to meet. I have been looking for them all day. Whoever it is, I think I loved him.
Scott: What if we're all missing the same person?

The Wild Hunt are drawn to war and mayhem. I've never heard it doing anything to anyone's memory.


I'm also a Sheriff's Deputy working on an unsolved murder that for once doesn't involve shapeshifters, resurrected 18th century serial killers, or me.


I'm a harbinger of death, not a harbinger of kidnapping.


I'm looking forward to crushing that little, adorable, baby face of yours.


Liam: Why can't you stay captain?
Scott: I'm graduating. I'm not going to be here next year. Somebody's got to step up and fill the gap.

They are Ghost Riders. What were they doing in a high school library?


Your teenage years are not the time for academic achievement.


Lydia: I have this feeling that I was supposed to do something.
Scott: Do what?
Lydia: I can't remember.

Stiles: You'll forget me.
Lydia: I won't. I won't. I won't.
Stiles: You will. Try to find some way to remember me. Okay? Remember how you the first girl I ever danced with? Or how I had a crush on you freshman year? Sophomore year. Senior year? Or how you saved my life?
Lydia: You saved my life too.
Stiles: Just remember, remember I love you.
Lydia: Remember. Remember...remember.

They are coming for me, so you have to get away from me right now!


Teen Wolf Quotes

Those who see the Wild Hunt beware, for you are already lost.


It's OK. It's OK, it's OK. It's OK, it's perfect. I'm in the arms of my first love. The first person I ever loved. The person I'll always love. I love you, Scott. Scott McCall.