Kane: I admire your adherence to the rule of law. I really do. But these are times when we have to look beyond the rules. To realize they were established to serve a world of the past. Not of the future. I beg you, one last time, to see the world as it is, not as it was or as you want it to be.
Kane: And I hope you believe that if I thought for one minute that turning myself over to the enemy would secure the safety of our people, I would do it. But only a deluded man would believe that. And only a guilty man would try and tell him so. Marcus Kane, for the crimes of treason, kidnapping, and attempted murder, I hereby sentence you to death. Take him.

ALIE: This has never happened to me before. When I communicate with someone, they listen to me. They agree with me. Raven...
Jaha: Is strong.

Hannah: Let's hope today's actions make it clear to the people of Arkadia which side they should be on. It's not really that hard choosing what's best for your people, is it?
Bellamy: No. I do it every day.

Raven: I don't remember.
ALIE: Raven.
Raven: Finn was real. I--
Jasper: Loved him, right? What's going on?
ALIE: Raven, you need to go.
Raven: I don't remember anything about him at all. We can't let her have this. Run!

Kane: I asked you here because I'd hoped you'd join me. It's still not too late to join the right side.
Bellamy: That's exactly what I came here to tell you.

Bellamy: People in camp are losing focus. There's a threat outside these walls--
Kane: The threat's inside the walls. Can't you see that? Pike's turning us against each other.

Monty, being down here I've learned that if something helps you survive, it's always the right thing. Pike taught me that. He taught all of us. It's what kept us alive. You do what it takes.


Sounds like a terrible idea. I'm in.


Kane: When this ends with our camp in ruins, you won't be able to say no one told you there was a better way out.
Pike: No, when this ends with Arkadia victorious, you'll only have yourself to blame for choosing the wrong side.

Pike: I don't know what kind of outfit Chancellor Griffin was running around here.
Kane: The kind that wasn't planning on a war flooding to life.

Harper: Or we could just shock-lash Pike's fascist ass and hand him to the Grounders.
Kane: That would be murder. Not to mention treason. And that's not who we are.
Miller: Maybe it's who we need to be.
Kane: Not yet.

Grounder: Choose the side that's best for your people.
Bellamy: I do that every day. So far nothing has changed my mind.

The 100 Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Grounder: Choose the side that's best for your people.
Bellamy: I do that every day. So far nothing has changed my mind.

Grounder: An army has fallen. Blood soaking the earth where he took their lives one by one.
Bellamy: Welcome to the war against Skaikru.