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Hannah informs Pike that the Grounders are establishing a blockade and that Arkadia has lost contact with a recon team. Grounders show up at Arkadia with a message and Bellamy has the gate opened to speak with them. Two Grounders on horseback report that on Commander Lexa's orders, the army of the twelve clans surrounds Arkadia and that they have a kill order on anyone found outside the lines -- they've already killed recon men they found outside. They demand that the Sky People give up Pike or Sky People will continue to die. Bellamy shoots the two Grounders dead.

Hannah reports to Pike, Bellamy, and Monty that they have one week of food, two if they begin rationing immediately. Pike notes they'll starve if they can't send out hunting parties. Hannah suggests breaking the blockade, but Pike says they need to deal with Kane and his accomplices leaking information to the Grounders first. He puts Monty in control of security technology. He commands them to spy on Kane and his people. Monty is horrified at the idea.

Kane, Harper, and Miller listen in using Kane's listening device. Harper suggests handing Pike over to the Grounders, but Kane declines, saying it would be treason and murder.

In the cafeteria, Jasper complains about the lack of alcohol. Sinclair explains that it's because of the rations. 

Also in the cafeteria, Jaha and Raven discuss ALIE 2.0. Jaha quizzes her on how sure she is the debris from the 13th station fell into the ocean. Raven is very sure (75-80%). He tells her that isn't good enough and to keep looking.

Jaha tells Raven that they need to get more people to the City of Light, to increase ALIE's power so they can find the second AI. Raven notes that they need to first get the chip-maker back, since it was confiscated by Pike after Abby shut them down. They notice Jasper making a scene, and both get the idea to recruit him to steal the chip-maker back.

Pike and his team check the crates of ammo. Brian notes that the crates are less than a third full.

Kane confronts Pike and tries to convince him to turn himself in because otherwise, everyone will die at the Grounders' hands. Pike refuses, saying that the only way for this to end is for the Sky People to put down the Grounders and keep them down. Pike criticizes Kane for having allowed Finn to turn himself in to the Grounders. Kane calls Pike a dictator and warns him that when it all goes awry, he won't be able to say no one warned him.

Raven recruits Jasper to distract the guards outside Pike's office and to crack the passcode that Monty has set for Pike's office security. Jasper agrees to help.

Harper reports that they haven't heard from Octavia. Miller, Harper, and Kane listen in on Pike's meeting.

Pike reports to Bellamy and his people that the results of the weapons inventory show that they do not have enough bullets for extended firepower against the Grounders. They discuss a plan to turn a rover into a land mine and take out as many Grounders as possible. It is revealed that Pike has found the listening device and they are feeding the plan to Kane and his accomplices. They say that they are moving at dawn.

Kane notes that they need to disable the rover. He recruits Sinclair to help disable the rover to prevent a massive army of Grounders from descending on Arkadia. Monty spies on them and reports back to Bellamy that Kane is working with Sinclair. Sinclair agrees to help Kane and works on the rover, but is approached by Bellamy who puts him under arrest for treason. Kane leaves in the chaos of Sinclair being apprehended.

Pike questions Sinclair about the listening device. He asks Bellamy for his gun, which Bellamy reluctantly gives him. Pike smashes the device with the gun. Sinclair refuses to talk. Bellamy suggests putting him in lockup. Hannah notes that on the Ark, he would've been floated for treason. Pike has him locked up, noting that they are not on the Ark.

Jasper tries to guess Monty's password by Raven asking him questions about Monty's favorite things. The passcode ends up being an alphanumeric sequence for the word Earth. Raven hacks in and opens Pike's door. Jasper tells Raven he is first in line for a chip.

Monty confesses to his mother that he feels guilty for helping to lock up Sinclair when Sinclair recruited him for engineering and was his mentor. His mother reassures him that whatever keeps them all alive is the right thing to do -- a lesson that Pike taught her, that kept them all alive.

Sinclair is thrown in jail, where he reveals to Lincoln that he has a message for him from Kane (confirming that his getting thrown in jail was all part of Kane's plan). The message is to get ready, because "tonight's a go."

Kane tries to talk sense into Bellamy and get him to realize that there are enemies inside their walls, including Pike. Bellamy counters by saying that Pike is the Chancellor. Bellamy blames Kane for Monroe's death. Kane claims that Sinclair will be the next to die, rattling Bellamy. He says that this will end with half the populace behind bars and half starving to death, leading to an uprising against him but by then it'll be too late.

Miller and his boyfriend Brian meet up in their room. Brian wonders why Miller is keeping them on opposite guard shifts. Brian asks Miller what's going on. Miller tries to suggest that Pike's plan is a bad idea. Brian is convinced this is all the more reason to stand behind Pike. They kiss goodbye and Miller leaves.

Brian goes back to Bellamy and confirms that he bugged Miller's jacket. He expresses doubt over having to lie to Miller. He also wonders if Brian himself is the one Miller needs protection from, expressing doubt over what Pike's group is doing.

Jasper and Raven search for the chip-maker. Jasper starts to mention Raven's memories of Finn, wondering if the City of Light will just allow him to think of the good memories and feel happy. Raven realizes that she cannot remember Finn, specifically their first kiss, at all and panics. ALIE appears to her, to try to command Raven, but Raven freaks out, takes the chip-maker and tells Jasper that they can't let her have it and to run.

Pike meets with Kane, asking if he's ready to negotiate his surrender. Kane continues to try to talk sense into Pike. Sinclair talks to Bellamy in jail, telling him that he wants immunity in exchange for turning on Kane. Bellamy tells him that wouldn't be a problem. As Sinclair starts talking, Lincoln starts baiting Sinclair and then beats him up. Bellamy opens the gate to intervene and Lincoln immediately stops hitting Sinclair, revealing it was a ploy. A large fight breaks out. One of the guards hits the alarm.

Pike and Kane hear the alarm. Kane tases Pike and knocks him out, throwing him in the truck. Harper radios to Kane, telling him it worked. Monty overhears and radios Bellamy, telling him the riot is a distraction and that Kane is going for Pike. Bellamy steps in front the truck and holds a gun on Kane, with the other guards. Kane stops and the guards arrest him.

ALIE expresses confusion that Raven was able to resist her and notes to Jaha that she can't override the need for consent. Jaha says that maybe he can.

Kane, captured, tries to convince Pike to realize that the rules of law they had in place do not apply in the world they currently live in. Pike tells Kane that he would turn himself in if he truly believed that turning himself in would secure peace for their people. Pike sentences Kane to death, to Bellamy's shock and horror. Bellamy and Kane exchange looks. Kane is led away and Bellamy asks Pike if they are really killing their own people now. Pike says they are at war and he is making Kane an example so people know where their allegiances need to lie. Bellamy agrees that he understands and Pike dismisses him.

Kane is put into lock-up. Monty asks Bellamy about Miller and Harper. Before Bellamy can answer, Hannah interrupts them and asks if they were able to identify any of Kane's accomplices. Before Monty can answer, Bellamy says no. Monty concurs, reluctantly. Hannah is clearly suspicious.

The 100
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The 100 Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Grounder: Choose the side that's best for your people.
Bellamy: I do that every day. So far nothing has changed my mind.

Grounder: An army has fallen. Blood soaking the earth where he took their lives one by one.
Bellamy: Welcome to the war against Skaikru.