Zev: I feel a little claustrophobic, but it's for a good cause: delivering books to children.

The rhythm is wonderful if I could just disco to it, but I can't disco when I'm painting.


I feel like a monkey in the circus parade.


Justin: You've gotta keep chugging.
Zev: Don't say chugging.

Zev's wearing his tea drinking pajamas.


Think of this like tea pong. [Zev's] good at beer pong.


I think the race is about living like the people live, moving like the people move and this is a tough place to survive in, so we might have a tough leg.


Jet: This guy's got some nerve.
Cord: Nerves of steal.

Jet: Who's that in front of us?
Cord: I'm pretty sure it's the globetrotters because I can't hardly see their heads.

Ron: This was crazy. I didn't realize there were that many people for a midnight flight.
Christina: Welcome to India.

Justin: Kolkata, it's insane.
Zev: Kol-crazy!

I already love India!


The Amazing Race Season 18 Episode 6 Quotes

Do we need to take our hats off for this?


No! We're staying in China.