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The first clue for the start of the sixth leg came as a disappointment to most teams who learned they were staying in China.  They teams were instructed to find the Jin Fu Yi Zhan tea shop for a tea tasting.  What the teams were not aware of was that remembering the taste and scent of the tea would be vital for later in the race.  After completing the tea tasting, the teams were instructed to fly to Kolkata, India and all eight remaining teams made the same flight.

Arriving in Kolkata, the teams made a mad dash out of the crowded airport to try and find cabs to take to the Town Hall.  All of the scrambling and jockeying was unnecessary, however, when the teams arrived at the Town Hall to find that it did not open until 10am.  Another mad dash ensued after the Town Hall gates opened at 10am and teams discovered the Roadblock for this leg of the race.  The chosen teammate would have to identify a cup of tea that matched what they drank in China to receive their next clue.

Having asked the tea shop owner in China what the tea was flavored with, Ron knew he was searching for a mango and papaya flavor.  Eschewing tasting the tea, Ron used his sense of smell to identify the correct cup on his very first try.  Similarly, after struggling with drinking the tea, Jet followed suit and identified the correct tea using his sense of smell as well.  Kisha and Kent manage to guess correctly to leave in third and fourth place, respectively.  Mallory finally goes the way of the nose and gets out in fifth place leaving Zev, Flight Time and Luke struggling.

After completing the Roadblock, the teams were given an unlabeled bottle of iced tea as their “clue”.  What they didn’t know was that the clue was underneath the cap of the bottle.  While the other teams quickly figured this out and made their way to the Tiwari Tea Stall, Kisha and Jen thought the bottle of iced tea was a clue to go to where the iced tea was produced.  Despite their blunder, Zev, Flight Time and Luke were still struggling at the Roadblock and Kisha and Jen remained in fifth place.

Back at the Roadblock, Zev finally found the correct cup of tea and left in sixth place.  Bad luck continued to plague Luke and Flight Time who were playing guess and check at that point, having no idea what the correct tea tasted like.  Flight Time finally got the correct up causing Luke to break down at being the last person left at the challenge.  After encouraging words from Flight Time and Big Easy and the Indian staff assisting with the challenge, Luke picked himself up and found the correct cup not too long after Flight Time.

The clue from the Tiwari Tea Stall was the Detour for this leg of the race.  The teams had a choice between Hindu Art or Bengali Literature.  For Hindu Art the teams had to paint and decorate a Hindu god. In Bengali Literature the teams had to deliver eight stacks of books to a local primary school by navigating the streets in a rickshaw-bus.

Arriving at the Detour in second, Gary and Mallory choose Bengali Literature and cruised the challenge allowing them to arrive at the Pit Stop in first.  For their accomplishment the pair became the first to try two new flavors of Snapple Iced Tea inspired by the tea on that leg of the race.  Kent and Vyxsin, Kisha and Jen and Ron and Christina completed the Detour in second through fourth, but struggled to find the Pit Stop.  

Their delay allowed Jet and Cord, who had fallen to sixth after struggling to find Bengali Literature, to jump the teams and finish in second place.  Zev and Justin slipped in to fourth behind Ron and Christina and Kent and Vyxsin and Kisha and Jen were not far behind fifth and sixth, respectively.  Only Flight Time and Big Easy and Margie and Luke remained on the course, but the Globetrotters lead was too much for Margie and Luke to overcome.

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The Amazing Race Season 18 Episode 6 Quotes

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No! We're staying in China.