Phil: You are still racing.
Big Easy: We don't get no food?

Phil: You are still racing.
Mallory: Aw Nuts!

Phil: You are still racing.
Cord: Sweet.

Let's do that one. Let's lead the people.

Flight Time

Christina: Ok, you look like...
Ron: What?

I can't believe I'm actually riding a yak in China now.


We wasn't yakking around. We got it done.


There's a yak with a saddle on it. That is awesome.


Justin: Zev's getting ready to get wet and cold
Zev: No he's not.

There's no reason on earth that any sane person would not make that flight.


It's hard to believe the K+V would miss that flight. There's really no excuse. Even if they had to walk to Narita.


The Amazing Race is about tragedies, but it's also about miracles.


The Amazing Race Season 18 Episode 4 Quotes

Justin: Zev's had a couple of rocking chair legs so far. He's done very little bit sit in the back of a car.
Zev: I'm good at it.

There's a lot of people in China. I'm not much of a people person.