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The nine teams remaining on The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business had to make their way from Yokosuka, Japan to Lijiang, China, but had to take a required flight from Tokyo to Kunming, China before finishing the rest of the journey.  The required flight was scheduled for 9:50am giving even last place Jaime and Cara over nine hours to make their flight.  With more time than the cheerleaders, Kent and Vyxsin got miserably lost, missed the flight and fell over six hours behind the other eight teams.

Upon arriving in Kunming, China Ron and Christina discovered an 8:50pm train that got them to Lijiang, China before the 10:16pm train or the 7:00am flight the next day.  However, any advantage Ron and Christina had was eliminated when the shuttle bus to Jade Dragon Mountain did not leave until 8am.  This allowed every team but Kent and Vyxsin to catch up.

Arriving at the top of the mountain the teams had to dress a yak with a saddle and ride the beast through the scenic waterfalls that surrounded the area to receive their next clue.  Once the yak ride was over, the teams hoped on a gondola to the top of the mountain, over 15,000 feet high.

At the top of the mountain the teams ran in to the Roadblock for this leg of the race.  The selected team member had to find a charm matching each of the twelve Chinese zodiac symbols from among thousands of charms and then place the twelve symbols in the correct order to receive their clue.  

While almost all of the teams handled the challenge quickly, Zev got stuck trying to find the correct charms.  He took long enough to allow Kent and Vyxsin to catch up before finally finishing and exiting in front of the last place team.

After completing the Roadblock, the teams had to take marked busses in to Old Town Lijiang for their next clue.  Upon arriving the teams had place a hand written wish in to a box marked by their zodiac symbol.  Of the seven leading teams, six of them knew their zodiac symbol.  Flight Time and Big Easy had no idea, had to guess and fell from third to seventh as a result.

The Detour awaited next for the racers with a choice between Hammer or Horn.  For Hammer the teams had to create a traditional Chinese candy using wooden mallets and butchers knives.  In Horn the teams carried a large traditional Chinese horn through Old Town Lijing, leading a procession of performers to a temple.

The first five teams selected Hammer and finished easily.  Jaime and Cara initially tried Horn, but realized they would not be able to carry the Horn and switched to Hammer.  This change allowed Flight Time and Big Easy to pass the cheerleaders in to sixth place.  

What the teams did not expect was to hear from Phil that despite finding the Pit Stop, they were still racing.  Margie and Luke finished in first place and won a vacation, but were dumb struck when they found out they had to keep racing.

Before the episode ended, two teams had not reached the faux Pit Stop – Zev and Justin and Kent and Vyxsin.  The best friends were clinging to a slight lead as they headed to the Detour but did not realize that Kent and Vyxsin had made another mistake by leaving their fanny pack back with the gondola.

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The Amazing Race Season 18 Episode 4 Quotes

Justin: Zev's had a couple of rocking chair legs so far. He's done very little bit sit in the back of a car.
Zev: I'm good at it.

There's a lot of people in China. I'm not much of a people person.