Zev: Did you just hump me?
Justin: I did just hump you.

Better to die here with you than home in bed.


My dad will never give up and that's why sometimes you have to give up for him.


Cord: The frogs were not alive, did you know that?
Jet: Yea.

If I guy gets out of the car in his underwear asking for directions in the states, you run the other way. Here, they don't even bat an eye.


I've got dirt in places dirt should not be right now.


I want my mama!

Big Easy

We're used to dunking, but we definitely got dunked on.

Big Easy

Guess I'll learn to keep my mouth closed.


It was 30 degrees out side and I'm in a diaper.


Let's find this frog and then eat its legs for good luck.


It was like we were really skinny sumo wrestler.


The Amazing Race Season 18 Episode 3 Quotes

We need a cool nickname. I guess we're the special kid on this trip.


I wanted to show the cowboys that they are not the only ones who can wear a cowboy hat.