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The second rest stop for The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business consisted of a train ride from Broken Arrow, Northern Territory back to Sydney, Australia.  From there, teams were instructed to make their way to Tokyo, Japan and find a parking garage outside the airport.  The ten remaining teams discovered two options.  One was a direct flight that landed in Tokyo at 6:15am.  The second arrived fifteen minutes earlier, but involved a transfer at Hong Kong.

Deciding that the additional fifteen minutes was not worth the risk of a transfer, Flight Time and Big Easy, Jet and Cord, Gary and Mallory, Ron and Christina and Kisha and Jen opted for the direct flight.  Their fears were confirmed when the teams transferring in Hong Kong had to wait on the tarmac for over an hour due to mechanical issues.  

After picking up their car, the teams had to find their way to the Yabusame Dojo for the Roadblock for this leg of the race.  Simply getting to the dojo was not as easy as it seemed, however.  Jet and Cord struggled so much with directions, they were the second to last team to arrive despite over an hour advantage on the trailing teams.  Similarly, Jaime and Cara made their one hour deficit greater first by getting lost and second by getting in to a car accident.  

For the Roadblock, the ten selected team members had to don traditional Japanese garb, perform a samurai ritual and then hit a target with a bow and arrow a top a spinning wooden horse.  Despite arriving fourth and fifth, respectively, Jen and Justin cruised through the challenge and left in first and second place.  Ron and Christina arrived at the Roadblock first, but Ron struggled with the intricacies of the ritual and left just ahead of Margie and Luke and Jet and Cord who arrived well after them.

From the Roadblock, teams made their way to the Detour which gave them the option of Prayer of Purity or Frog of Light.  For Prayer of Purity, the teams had to learn a prayer which involved physical movements and vocal interactions and then stand under a 45 degree waterfall for one minute.  In Frog of Light, the teams had to don traditional Japanese clothing and search for a fake frog in a mud pit while locals hurled mud at them.

Only Flight Time and Big Easy and Ron and Christina chose Prayer of Purity and the challenge seemed to take equally as long as Frog of Light.  However, upon leaving the challenge ahead of Ron and Christina, Flight Time and Big Easy accidentally picked up Ron and Christina’s fanny pack.  The Globetrotters did not realize their mistake until back at the changing hut, but did not return the pack to the father and daughter duo and incurred a 30 minute penalty for doing so.

Though a difficult challenge in the fading daylight and cold, most teams managed to get through Frog of Light in a reasonable amount of time.  Mike and Mel did not have as much luck.  Mike let frustration and the cold get the best of him and stopped looking for the frog before his 70 year old father did.  Fearing for his father’s safety, Mike demanded his father take a break to get warm.  

Shortly after quitting, Jaime and Cara arrived at the challenge, well behind and seemingly in last place.  After finding the frog, the best friends arrived at the Pit Stop assuming they lost.  When Phil informed them that they were still in the race, the pair erupted in joy.  Unable to finish the Roadblock, Mike and Mel were eliminated from the race.

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