You and me together, it's all I ever wanted. People say I'm supposed to ask for what I want. This is what I want. You. All to myself.


I’m sweating like a pot roast in here. Well done and still cooking.


You ever seen this one during her time of the month? Imagine being locked in a steel capsule with that hurling through space.


Rene: I'm gonna go and meet him tonight, and I'm gonna get myself a job.
Jo: Job?!

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Max: If there's music, there must still be a world.
Louise: Unless it's prerecorded.

Louise: We can't leave the party.
Max: The world is about to end. We can do whatever we want.

I feel like shouting at them, 'Go home, hug your kids, swim naked! Anything but this!'


Guys, right now, you are more useful as a symbol of hope than you could ever be flying a jet. Go to that party, get your photos taken. Show the world that nothing scares an American hero.


Betty: Think I can pull this off?
Jo: No.
Betty: But it's got feathers!

She has her beliefs, and I have mine. It's a thing called mutual respect.


An easy life would be a boring one, and mine is anything but.


Being up there... it felt as close to heaven as I was ever gonna get.


The Astronaut Wives Club Quotes

I'm about to be forced into bridge and bake-sales with a bunch of wives. Hard to say who's facing the bigger challenge.


Rene: I love your dress. Tres chic.
Louise: And yours. Tres pink.