Amir: You have no idea who I am or what I've been through.
Alex: Someone once told me that the most important details are not in what a man says but in how he says it. The pause. An inflection. You just told me a lot.

I'm afraid I've doomed you now, Preach.


I can make you a star, P.


I don't know if we have to have a dark side to do what we do, Jaz, but I know that I met mine and no matter what I do, that guy never goes away.


In our line of work, experience comes at a pretty steep cost.


My dad hated me from the second I was born a girl, but my guys came and rescued me.


Hannah: I gotta say, Amir. I thought you'd be taller.
McG: So did his mom.

For the record. This blows.


Unfortunately, this is not a social call. We have a problem.


Westerners call this white torture or sensory deprivation. I prefer to look at this as a blank slate. Give me truth, and we fill in some color together.

Bad guy [to Jaz]

Hussein: You know this is madness, right?
Amir: This is the only way.
Hussein: I'm not arguing with you. I'm just stating the fact. I love madness.

We want to save Jaz? We do it ourselves.


The Brave Quotes

Amir, doesn't it make you angry that you pray in a mosque next to a guy who might blow off your head one day?


I know this isn't where we wanted to be, but we had no choice.