Patricia: In the meantime, your team are ghosts.
Dalton: Boo.

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Dalton: Any girl. You could've picked any girl in Spain. Instead, you pick the half-Russian spy daughter.
McG: Technically, she picked me.

Little girl: You're tough, but you're a girl.
Jaz: Maybe I'm tough because I'm a girl.

Preach: You know what it feels like to have three daughters?
Dalton: I have no idea.
Preach: It feels like being a cash register.

Maybe you should wear suits more often.


Look what happened to you, Nate. You've been weaponized, not loved.


Dalton, this isn't a riot. It's a prison break.


The truth is the truth in any language.


Sun, sand and Taliban.


I don't kill just to kill Nate. That's how I know I'm on the right side.


Nate: And if we both commit atrocities, how do you know you're on the right side.
Patricia: Big ideas. Freedom of speech. Gender equality.

It looks like that guy tried to make out with an IED.


The Brave Season 1 Quotes

Amir, doesn't it make you angry that you pray in a mosque next to a guy who might blow off your head one day?


I know this isn't where we wanted to be, but we had no choice.