Gibbons: Your days in Chicago are numbered Teresa.
Colvin: Whatever the number, it's more than yours.

"Pops" Wysocki: You need to stop them Jarek
Wysocki: It's not them pop, its me.
"Pops" Wysocki: You needed to talk to me first!
Wysocki: If I had done that I wouldn't have been able to do it.

Chris [Liam]: I got into this to get Gibbons. What did I get shot for? If she can get Gibbons, give her whatever she wants.
Colvin: There were times when I wondered if you were up for this job [smiles].

One thing I have learned about fighting crime in Chicago, it's a marathon not a sprint, you better be ready to go the distance.


Wysocki: What was he into Karen?
Karen: I can't tell you
Wysocki: Tell me what? That he was dirty? I already know.
Karen: He said it would break your heart

Cuyler: I will stop fooling around if you will grant me one date, with flowers and candles, and Sheakspearian sonnets.
Colvin: You know I can't do that
Cuyler: I know you feel like you have to be your best, but you can't let the job be your whole life Teresa.

So the one guy who is going to put you away is the same guy who killed my brother; awfully coincidental.


Colvin: We don't have a witness, we don't have a case.
Wysocki: I am doing everything I can.
Colvin: Do more.

Lily: What are you talking about?
Gibbons: I am surrounded by cows in Judas' linen. Police are trying to take advantage of the situation.

Ronnie: I would rather do my time and be safe
Wysocki: You don't think Killian can't get to you in the joint?

Colvin: You bring Killian in, you haul his ass down here, I will interrogate him myself.
Wysocki: Done!

Wysocki: You ok?
Evers: I'm fine
Wysocki: That wasn't a good shooting that was a great shooting. You know that?
Evers: I know that, I'm good

The Chicago Code Quotes

Teresa: Your partner has better instincts than you think.
Jarek: Too bad he's a Cubs fan.

Officer: This is my life!
Teresa: Yeah, but it's my city.