She's hot sir, but she has opinions.


Taylor: Did we smash his head in?
Provenza: No, oh no. That was from too much egg nogging.

Oh my God. Your Christmas tree is completely naked! You need to deck these halls pronto!

Santa Jack

So, Brenda, why don't we take a little walk down memory lane. Which, for you, leads to a cemetery.


Oh. Sorry. Some ashes there. Completely my fault.

Santa Jack

And, judging by the grumpy tone, you are Lt. Provenza!


So, according to the elves...I've been waiting to say that my entire life.


My detectives just found three underage boys living at your house. Half naked.


But if I may be frank, sir. Continuing to audit every investigation Chief Johnson undertakes is embarrassing to everyone involved. It's an insult to her, demeaning to my rank; not to mention a waste of money.


Just keep your eye on the ball everyone and ignore me like you usually do.


Sir, I've had a terrible day. I'm anxious, I'm stressed and I'm a little shaky, so if you don't drop your gun right now, I'm gonna put a bullet through your head. Are we clear?


Brenda: David, I want you to be careful here, not start a shootin' match.
Gabriel: I'm with you on that.

The Closer Quotes

[To Sgt. Gabriel] I should probably explain that I do not form my relationships with people based on how they're treating you. That would be your mother, maybe.


If I liked being called a bitch to my face, I'd still be married.