Great job, human internet. I will be back soon.


I'm sorry for whatever happened to you when you were a kid.

Willa[to Christina]

Hey gun girl, do yourself a favor and put in a request for her as your probation officer.


I'm in discombobulated article reacquisition.


I have been labeled a conspiracy theorist since I was 21.


If anything happens, talk to Hodgins. But don't get in his car, it's claustrophobic.


Leo: Walter never stops looking.
Walter: Maybe it's time I try.

If you're dead or catatonic, then I can't enjoy being The Attorney General of the Unites States.


You both sound like the other one is wacadoodle. Unfortunately you're both right.


Walter: Leo's been my beautiful assistant for three years.
Leo: I am not your beautiful assistant.

What kind of example are you setting for a 16 year old girl?

Leo[to Isabel]

Leo: What is my place here?
Isabel: You're her employer.

The Finder Quotes

Cooper: Sure is a lot of action out here
Leo: Not for Walter it isn't.

I do NOT appreciate the ocean. I tend to sink.