Harvey is not a match, but there was more DNA on the murder weapon besides Kyle's. They can't ID it but it's someone related to Martha. A man.


Seriously, you want to start something with me? You're about half my size on a good day, little man, I will break you. So watch your damn mouth!


So I called Justina Marks. She asked me to pass along a little message. She wanted me to tell you that opening people's mail is a federal offense.

Justina's colleague

Mariana: Oh my God! Why did you do that? You're so stupid! Now he's going to be mad at me, and I..
Jesus: Mariana, it's fine. It's ok.
Mariana: You don't know that!

It's hard to do the right thing. Sometimes people get hurt. Sometimes you get hurt, but it's no excuse though. You gotta keep doing what you're doing, and you're doing a good job. You hear me?


Captain Rogers? This is Stephanie Adams-Foster. Um, I want to leave this on your voicemail so I don't change my mind. I'd like to see you on Monday. There's something I'd like to take to I.A.


Emma: I think she might be taking your pills again.
Jesus: What do you mean again?

Lena: He told them everything, including your name.
Brandon: What does that mean?
Lena: It means you're not going to Julliard.

No, you don't get to touch me. You hurt me! You scared me! You made me afraid of my own bedroom!


Jesus: She doesn't want to be with you anymore. She's with Matt now. So you have to leave her alone ok?
Nick: Why didn't she tell me this herself?
Jesus: Because she's afraid of you!

Grey: See, now no sooner than I try to help you out, you go and make me regret it.
Stef: Nobody asked for your help. Too high a price as far as I can see.

Look Mike, I know you don't like Callie ok? But I do, and I'm going to keep seeing her. And if you don't want me to keep seeing her that's too bad. I'm going to be 18 soon. If you don't me under your roof, then I'll just move on.


The Fosters Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Stef: Someone put in a recommendation for me?
Det: Yeah, Grey. Joe Grey? Figured you knew him.
Stef: Yeah, I know him.

I got an email from Julliard. Oh my God, I got in! I didn't read it all. I couldn't read it all.