Jesus: Have you seen the letter Emma wrote me?
Brandon: No.
Jesus: I want to read it. Now that I can.

Stef: Are those marshmallows?
Lena: Shut up. I was eating my feelings, and I have a lot of feelings.

Stef: You wanted me to take this job
Lena: I know...I just didn't think I was going to end up feeling like a single parent.

I thought you were going to do the shopping?


So you were right, Vanessa was having an affair with Troy.


Mariana: Question...Gabe's homeless. Can he stay in the garage?
Lena:[sarcastically] Sure, why not?
Mariana: Good, because I already told him that he could.

Jesus: This has never been a problem.
Emma: Trust me, I know.

Emma: This is weird, right? I mean every time your door is closed, it's like we're announcing to your moms that we're having sex.
Jesus: I can live with that.

So at any given time our five kids can have sex behind closed doors. What are we running a brothel?


I get that you're pissed off and everything but bullying a bully kinda makes you no better than him.


If you want to get out of here, I'm totally down.


Mr. Baker: Haven't you mutilated yourself enough
Callie: Okay, you know what, surgery is not mutilation. Aaron is a man, all he did was made sure what he looks like on the outside matches who he is on the inside.

The Fosters Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Stef: So we talked to your lawyers and your trial date is set.
Callie: When is it?
Lena: There must be an opening because it's a week from today.

Mariana: Hey, Gabe, I tried calling you but your phone is disconnected. Wait, what are you doing?
Gabe: I'm moving. I got a job in Lake Tahoe.