Wouldn't it be funny if you actually turned out to be a hero?


Eleanor: Will it make it better?
June: Yes.
Eleanor: How do you know it will work?
June: Because it has to. Because all of this has to add up to something. It has to mean something. I need your help, Eleanor. Help me make it mean something.

Fifty-two. Marthas and handmaids are offering to help me get fifty-two kids out. Fifty-two kids, and ten seats. How does that math work? Moira would tell me I need to keep my fucking shit together.


Fred: I know last night was difficult. Thank you for your resilience.
Serena: Well, we have to be a united front.
Fred: Always.
Serena: Fred, you've done so much for Gilead and I see that, but you're getting distracted. Its been months and we're no closer to Nichole.
Fred: I'm assuring a life for her.
Serena: You're prioritizing yourself. And that's enough now.
Fred: Serena.
Serena: I thought that the Gilead channels were the only way to get to Nichole, but they're not. I met someone in Canada who can help us; an American. You just have to offer your cooperation.

June: How is Eleanor?
Commander Lawrence: She's very quiet. A collector's item...
June: The punishment for contraception is being torn apart by dogs.
Commander Lawrence: That's right.
June: That's not gonna be the last time that happens, you know that right?
Commander Lawrence: I know. I'll get you a truck. You get my wife out safely.
June: You can get out too. You just have to bring them something; something valuable. Kids, the stolen children of Gilead.
Commander Lawrence: I'd be a hero.

Commander Waterford: Are you alright?
June: Mm. I mean, at least it wasn't you.

June: You just treat it like a job. Try to detach yourself. See from the outside. You're not you, I'm not me. This is a transaction and then it's over.
Commander Lawrence: Are you sure?
June: Mm. It's easier if you close your eyes.

Hey it's okay, it's alright. I'm here, I'll be right here. I'm sorry I was such a shit to you. I got lost I think. Not that that's a good excuse, but I don't really have another reason. They just take everything from you, you know? They really do. Oh your son, he's beautiful. Oh, he's... he is beautiful. And everyone is praying for him, but I wouldn't worry. Seriously, because I think he's just like you; he's a fighter. And he doesn't deserve to grow up in this place. He deserves to be free. They all deserve to be free. So, Natalie, I'm gonna get them out. I'm gonna get out as many children as I can. I don't really know how yet, but I swear to you, I'm gonna get them out. Because Gilead should know how this feels. It's their turn to hurt.


June: Mrs. Waterford may I speak to you for a moment?
Serena: Yes Ofjoseph?
June: Come closer, it's a secret.
Serena: What? You're not well.
June: No.
Serena: June? You're out of your mind!
June: This has to end. This has to end.
Serena: You were supposed to be one of the strong ones.

Janine: Hi.
June: Hi. What are you doing here?
Janine: Got infected. They have to do another procedure.
June: Oh.
Janine: I haven't been praying for her, not really.
June: Okay.
Janine: She had that seizure.
June: Do you think that was your fault?
Janine: Obviously. Do you think she can hear me?
June: I don't know.
Janine: Hi Natalie, Its Janine. I just want you to know that I forgive you and I want you to get better.
June: She can't get better.
Janine: We can wish for it anyway. I want you to find peace. Is that better?
June: I know how we can help her.
Janine: No.
June: Janine its the right thing to do. Listen to me. We have to end it.
Janine: So you're going to kill her and the baby? What did they ever do to you?
June: Janine we have to, we have to do something.
Janine: Don't do that. She's one of us.
June: Okay.
Janine: Okay. Give it to me. When did you get to be so selfish? Everything is always about you; your problems.
June: Get the fuck out of here.
Janine: You're different. I don't like it.

June: Hold on a minute.
Aunt Lydia: Pardon?
June: I'm sorry. Aunt Lydia, may I go home, please?
Aunt Lydia: No! You may not. Ridiculous!
June: Please.
Aunt Lydia: You may go home when your walking partner goes home. You certainly owe her that consideration after the way you have treated her.
June: I know. I know I was shitty.
Aunt Lydia: Ofjoseph. All of you girls, just awful.
June: I know. I... I don't feel well.
Aunt Lydia: Ofjoseph, I believe in you. God never gives us more than we can handle.
June: Are you sure?
Aunt Lydia: Pray without ceasing. That's all we can do.
June: Yes Aunt Lydia.

I hurt her, and I enjoyed it. The wives and aunts too. Grieving over Ofandys dead child. And Lawrence, they all deserve to suffer. Its an acquired taste seeing others in pain. Like that smoky scotch, Luke got as a gift once. I grew to like that.


The Handmaid's Tale Quotes

Aunt Lydia: Remember your scripture; blessed are the meek.
Offred: And blessed are those who suffer for the cause of righteousness for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. I remember.

A priest, a doctor, a gay man. I think I heard that joke once. This wasn't the punchline.