Tell her I said Hi!


Do you have any tea, because this could take a while.


Lisbon: Jane, I need you.
Jane: It's nice to be needed. Anything for you Lisbon.

Well, if you'll excuse me I have your funeral to go to.


Like I was gonna let that go.


Fischer: I was so certain I had him figured out.
Lisbon: Welcome to my life.

Jane: Unless of course you are trying to hide something.
Francis: Quite right - quite right Mr. Jane.

(to Rigsby) You're not getting enough sex from Van Pelt.


Trey: Ben's our go-to guy in Marquesa.
Ben: He just means I'm the only real estate agent around here who takes his commission in fertilizer and chickens.

Oh Lizzie you are bat nuts crazy - bat nuts!


This is not a fascinating puzzle, it's a media crap storm.


Turns out being understood is an underrated pleasure.


The Mentalist Quotes

Fischer: We want to help him out.
Lisbon: You want to use him.

Jane: Did the killer take the finger?
Cho: Looks that way.