Stone: Everyone's got a cross to bear, Naz, pardon the expression. Fuck 'em all. Live your life.
Naz: Thank you for what you did for me.
Stone: Don't mention it.

Safar: I spent a lot of time sitting on this bed while you were gone. I'm so happy you're home.
Naz: You thought I killed her.
Safar: Never.
Naz: OK mom. [walks out]

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Judge: So, Mrs. Weiss, what's your pleasure? Shall we empanel a new jury for retrial? Say, next week?
Mrs. Weiss: No, your Honor. My office declines to prosecute further.
Stone [to Naz}: You're free. You get to go home.

Pharmacist: Oh, we've got your Viagra now.
Stone: I don't give a fuck anymore.
Pharmacist [chuckles]: That's a good one.

Shelter Employee: No!
Stone: I'm not discussing it.

You know, at the beginning, I thought maybe we had a 10% shot. Now? Zero. You just convicted him.


Mrs. Weiss: Here's the deal, Mr. Kahn, and you know it. Whether you stabbed her or not, you could have saved her. This young woman who you barely knew, but who you say you liked. Did you kill her?
Nasir: I don't know.

Mrs. Weiss: How many times have you had sex with women or men?
Naz: Once, before. With a girl.

Mrs. Weiss: Do you ever lie Mr. Kahn?
Naz: I try not to.

Chandra: Did you kill her?
Naz: No. I couldn't have. Even if I was out of my mind I couldn't do that. I know it in my heart.

Chandra: Detective, what made you sure so quickly that Nazir Kahn was your man?
Box: The mountain of evidence.

Chandra: You didn't interview Duane Reade?
Box: Someone at Duane Reade?
Chandra: An individual named Duane Reade.
Box: Is that a joke?

The Night Of Quotes

Det. Box: Well I don't want him here. Either take him back to the house or cut him loose.
Det. Lady: Sir, we'll take him...
Det. Box: You're staying here.

Naz: What's that?
Girl: This is the party you missed.