Chloe: Mom? I love you.
Meredith: Implied!

Jasmine: Only the Uniter has nine lives to live.
Alek: There's no way.
Jasmine: Nine lives to endure. Chloe, we're not supposed to save you, you're supposed to save us.

What do you think I want you to do? Kill her, as many times as you have to.

Whitley Rezza

Chloe: I think I died today.
Amy: Are you okay?

Newsflash! Dying sucks, and I'm so not doing that again.

Amy: She just wants a normal life.
Alek: Well, just tell her to get used to disappointment.

Amy, let's try not to piss off the homicidal maniac more than he already is, okay?

Chloe: And, wait, you did not just compare me to your one eyed, deaf, arthritic cat.
Amy: Hey, she's old, be nice. And, I think I just did. Sorry!

This has been the best crappy date ever.

Alek: You can't keep putting yourself at risk. It's stupid and irresponsible.
Chloe: Hey, I didn't exactly sign up for any of this. Maybe, if someone had told me that kissing humans would....I'm sorry, I didn't want to fight.

Alek: You do seem a little...tense.
Chloe: Deranged psycho killer is still after me so, yeah, maybe a little.

It's like my non-wish birthday wish came true.