I am totally gonna bang Holly. She is cute, and helpful, and she really seems into me.


I'm going to propose tonight. Holy crap!


What is wrong with this woman? She's asking about stuff that's nobody's business. "What do I do?"... Really, what do I do here? I should've written it down. "Qua" something, uh... qua... quar... quibo, qual... quir-quabity. Quabity assuance! No. No, no, no, no, but I'm getting close.


Creed: The pleasure's all mine.
Holly: Oh, thanks. I'm really looking forward to sitting down with you and finding out more about what you do here.
Creed: Any time.
Holly: What do you do here?
Creed: ... Excuse me?

Toby: Hey, Stanley...
Stanley: Hmm?
Toby: I want to introduce you to...
Michael: [watching from office] Toby's replacement. Ugh. Wow.
Dwight: So what do we know about her?
Michael: Well, we know that Toby thinks she'll be great. So, strike one, I hate her already.
Dwight: I hate her too.
Michael: Why do you hate her?
Dwight: Because she... stinks... with her... ways... and her... head.
Michael: You know, Dwight, sometimes... I don't know, I think you say things just to agree with me.
Dwight: Would that be such a bad thing?
Michael: Yeah! It would! Just have a thought. Have an original thought. Although, I will agree that her head is weird.

Pam: Guess who just got into the Pratt School of Design.
Jim: No way! What did I say? I said that they'd love those sketches. Congratulations!
Pam: Oh, thank you! I don't know why I doubted it, because I'm so clearly awesome!
Jim: Yes! So when do you start?
Pam: I don't know, I didn't read it carefully, I just saw "congratulations" and I skimmed the list, I saw my name, I came in here to tell you and get a snack.
Jim: Wow. Busy morning.
Pam: So, you know it means I have to go to New York for three months...
Jim: It's not a big deal. I'll come visit you. And you'll visit me. It's only two hours away. It'll be fine. That part's gonna suck, but it'll be great.
Pam: Yeah, it sucks, but it'll be great.
Jim: See how easy that is?

Every year, my sweet, sweet grandmother sends me a check on my birthday for fifty dollars. And lately, she has been sending me, like nine or ten checks a year... uh, as Nana starts to... but, I knew I should be saving it for something, I just didn't know what I should be saving it for. And then I had an awakening. "Michael, buy a motorcycle." So I put the money in my shoe, and then I forgot about it until now.


Toby: Good morning, Kelly.
Kelly: I can't believe this is your last day. How do you feel?
Toby: Fine. Good.
Kelly: I feel weird.

Toby: Morning.
Michael: Mornin'. [to camera] So here we go, just a matter of hours now, until his horribleness has left the building. I'm going to set my watch alarm... And... [watch beeps]

Andy: Angela, will you do me the honor of giving me your tiny hand in marriage?
Angela: ... Okay.
Andy: Into the mic, sweetie.
Angela: I said, okay.
Andy: She said yes! And the crowd goes wild! Woo!

Well, this is what happened. Uh, Ryan's big project was the website. Which wasn't doing so well. So Ryan, to give the impression of sales, recorded them twice. Once as offices and once in the website sales, which is what we refer to in the business as misleading the shareholders. Another good term is fraud. The real crime, I think, was the beard.


Holly: [thinking Kevin is slow] Hi!
Kevin: Hi.
Holly: What do you do?
Kevin: I do the numbers.
Holly: Oh, good for you!
Kevin: You want an M&M?
Holly: Oh, no, that is so sweet. Thank you, though.
Kevin: I keep them here at my desk so that everybody doesn't take them.
Holly: Well, that is a very safe place for them.
Kevin: [smiling] Yeah.

The Office Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

I am totally gonna bang Holly. She is cute, and helpful, and she really seems into me.


Hazing is a fun way to show a new employee that she is not welcome or liked.