This isn't happening. Tell me Elijah's in there.


Freya: Klaus, it's time.
Klaus: Your girlfriend seems nice, for what it's worth.

That evil wench cannot be killed.


Hope: Mom?
Hayley: Hope, I didn't see you there, sweetie.
Hope: Uncle Elijah's sick, isn't he?
Hayley: Uncle Elijah is very sick.
Hope: Well, can we help him?
Hayley: We're doing everything we can, I promise.
Hope: Maybe I can help aunt Freya do a spell to make him better.
Hayley: That's very brave of you.

There's always a loophole. I have my mother's grimoires. I welcome you to study them with me.

Freya [To Vincent]

Oh, no, Miss...Mikaelson. I'm coming with. You've got your family's backs. I got yours.


Such a will to live. Wouldn't it be easier to give in?