Teleya: If you believe releasing me will somehow improve relations between our people, you are indulging another fanrtasy.
Mercer: Defect of my species. We never give up hope.

You lead a godless existence. You have no soul. You reject the guiding hand of Avis. And without belief, there can be no moral code.


I guess, lately, I've been feeling bored with myself.... And, if I'm not enough for myself, what if that means I'm not enough for other people


You feel entitled to educate others but your own worldview is self-defeatingly narrow.


Teleya: You are painfully attentive. The failure of your marriage has caused you to overcompensate in the moment. And yet, paradoxically, despite this, your work remains your first priority. You have no balance.
Mercer: My god. You sound like my ex-wife.

If I was not going to kill you, I would give you some advice.


Mercer: Did you feel anything at all?
Teleya: No
Mercer: It was just your mission. To get close to me.
Teleya: That is correct.
Mercer: Man, I liked you a lot better when you were using contractions.

Teleya: Lt. Tyler was designed to be the ideal Union officer and the perfect lure.
Mercer: Well done.
Teleya: It was not difficult. You are simplistic and easily manipulated.

Grayson: First, you'll need a medical and psych evaluation. I'll tell Dr. Finn to expect you.
Malloy: Thank you, Commander. I won't let you down. Future captain right here!
Bortus: He will fail.

Grayson: Tharl driving you crazy too?
Bortus: He does not stop talking and he makes loud noises when he consumes food. He comes to the mess hall wearing...SANDALS.

Mercer: What are you, Jane Goodall?
Grayson: Yeah, and you're the primate.

I see the way you smile when she walks onto the bridge. I know your smiles. You have fifteen. Three are for happiness, eleven are passive-aggressive, and one is for being in love. I've seen it before, y'know.


The Orville Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Mercer: She's cool. She's smart. She's funny. She checks every box. I've never met a woman who checked every box.
Malloy: You said Kelly checked every box.
Mercer: Yeah, well I got more boxes now. She checks those too.

Remember, you're dating a cartographer. I know all the best vacation spots.