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Tharl arrives for his shift out of uniform and sweaty. Grayson initially asks him to change into his uniform but Mercer says it's okay.

Tyler reports in and shortly after Mercer knocks off early. They meet in his quarters to watch "The King and I" and discuss taking their relationship public. Tyler wants to go on vacation together.

Mercer and Malloy discuss his new relationship. Mercer decides to tell Grayson but it turns out she knows already.

Mercer and Tyler head out on their holiday but run into Krill ships and get taken aboard.

On the Orville, Grayson is meeting with Bortus about the new Security Chief who will be joining the crew soon. Malloy comes in and tells Grayson he'd like to take the Command Test. Bortus does not believe he will pass.

On the Krill ship, Mercer gives up his command codes when they start torturing Tyler. Teleya comes him and reveals that she was Tyler the entire time, sent to lure him into this trap.

Suddenly the Krill are attacked by another alien race. Mercer and Teleya escape and crashland on a nearby planet. They need to reach higher ground with a beacon. Teleya insists Mercer carry it. They aren't able to reach the high ground before sunrise and Teleya will die from the UV so they hide in a cave.

Grayson suspects Malloy only wants to take the Command Test to pick up women.

Mercer realizes the planet's daylight lasts 23 Earth days and he needs to get the beacon set up on his own. He sends a distress signal and Bortus reports it to Grayson. The Orville sets a course to rescue her captain.

As he returns to the cave, Mercer sees the Krill enemy approaching and, covering Teleya, they run for the beacon.

The Orville arrives and rescues Mercer and Teleya just as they are engaged in a firefight with the enemy.

On board the Orville, Mercer makes the decision to return Teleya to the Krill. He offers it as a first move towards peace talks and gives Teleya a parting gift of Billy Joel music.

The Orville
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The Orville Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Mercer: She's cool. She's smart. She's funny. She checks every box. I've never met a woman who checked every box.
Malloy: You said Kelly checked every box.
Mercer: Yeah, well I got more boxes now. She checks those too.

Remember, you're dating a cartographer. I know all the best vacation spots.