Herman: Bologna with mayonnaise.
Sandy: On white bread.
Herman: I'll be god damned. They're trying to kill us.

Bess [to Evelyn]: You can know this: I will always love you but I can never forgive you.

You selfish little bitch!

Bess [to Evelyn]

Danville was no coincidence.

Bess [to Herman]

You, Levin, have an empire in pinball and slot machines. The world and its problems must seem so unimportant at the point.

British agent [to Alvin]

Herman: The hate is there, like dry leaves waiting on a spark.
Bess: Well, like it or not, Lindbergh is teaching us what it means to be Jews. We only think we're Americans.

So, Billy, who the fuck told you where to find me and why?

Alvin [to Billy]

What you don't understand, Anthony, is that I come from a long line of Third Ward roughnecks.

Herman [to Anthony]

Fuckin' G-men. Always looking for another pound of flesh.


Herman: This is my country.
Bess: Not anymore it isn't. It's Lindbergh's. It's the Jew haters'. It's the America Firsters'.

This is still America and I want my day in court.


You can't go through life being afraid of things that are unfamiliar to you.

Evelyn [to Philip]