So how was my funeral.


The river's changing. It's never gonna let us go.


Because of my daughter. God hates me. I know. Or he would have made her ugly.


If the Morcego are judging us, we are failing.


I've been dying to cut this rats nest since we've been on the boat.


Jonas: They're just waiting.
Kurt: Yeah, waiting for what?
Jonas: I'm gonna say dinner.

Jahel says he's bad news. She says we ought to toss him overboard. Look, we've been on the Bouina long enough I don't know what's possible any more. All I know is that when that girl gets scared, I listen.


They're coming. And they're hungry.


There's magic out there. Well, it looks like he found it.


You should put the camera down and watch where you're walking Clark.


People always tell me that they loved Emmet's show was not because of the travel or the adventure, but because they wanted to be a part of our own perfect little family. I mean, yeah, we had our problems, everybody does, sure, our secrets. Who doesn't?


Clark: We need a new camera operator.
AJ: Well, the last one got his head taken off by a ghost, so good luck with that.

The River Quotes

Hi there. I'm on the Amazon. Not a lot of other Jews out here though.


There is magic out there!