Carter: I gotta know, why is your 49th birthday so important?
Simone: Because my mother didn't make it to hers.

Simone: Do you even celebrate your own birthday?
Carter: What's there to celebrate after the big 25?
Simone: What's so special about 25?
Carter: You get better rates on car rentals.
Simone: You really need to come to my party.

Brendon: Quantico was a nightmare for me
Antoinette: I know
Brendon: No, but what I didn't tell you is that I wanted to quit every day or get loaded, or both.
Antoinette: It was that bad?
Brendon: Yeah and no one cared; no one helped. I was a joke, and then there was Simone; she took care of me. Everything good in my life is because of her.

Garza: I looked into it, Jeff. All those years ago, you were the one who authorized the deal with Jeffrey Kirchoff. Put him in WitSec
Jeff: I did
Garza: After all the lives he destroyed?
Jeff: He gave us vital intel that saved American lives.
Garza: And put a monster in Agoura Hills. What if he had a bad day? Snapped on his wife and that little girl?

Elena: Hey, thanks for letting me work with you on this case.
Antoinette: I should be thanking you. Your attention to detail and natural curiosity is impressive.
Elena: If you're not busy for tonight with vampire cop I could buy you a drink, talk about studying forensics.

Garza: Even with Briggs gone, I don't think it's a bad idea to keep tabs on the clan.
Carter: For their safety or the worlds?

Mark: I love you ... and ... your neighbor's so eclectic ...
Laura: Oh my god you just dropped the L-bomb and ran for cover.

Hold on. Let me take this in. This is my first home that I bought with my own money.


Can I have a friend with benefits and none of the drama?


Simone: Hopefully, that cult dies with him.
Carter: Or they might prop him as a martyr.
Laura: In my experience profiling cults, the movement dies without the leader exacting constant pressure. It fizzles out, and people return to their ordinary lives.

Simone: People like you are all the same.
Foster: People like me? No one is like me.
Simone: Honey, I see three of you every week. You are a weak man.

Simone: What's the thing about asking for forgiveness instead of permission?
Garza: It's how you've led your whole life, Simone.

The Rookie: Feds Quotes

Cutty: Two ground rules. One, that badge and that gun must be taken off before you enter. Because in my house, you're my daughter. Not an FBI agent.
Simone: Okay. And what's the second rule?
Cutty: Bring home dinner once a week. Local restaurants only.

It's okay. We got this. We're Feds.