This ability you've been hiding. It may feel evil, but today it is a gift.


Devil's advocate. If Stephen's wrong, you'll have killed two Chosen Ones.


Morgan: What's going on, where is everyone?
Cara: We're getting ready to kill Stephen. Don't ask.

The whole reason you guys tracked me down was so that I could find him. So either you believe that I'm the chosen one or you don't.


John: What exactly are you saying, Stephen?
Stephen: You have to try and kill me.

It's can't be done, it's like farting and sneezing at the same time. Scientifically impossible.


Ultra guy: Your kind can't kill.
John: Wanna bet?

John: Sorry about the jaw.
Stephen: What jaw?

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Oh God, he's even creepier when he's happy.


I broke out before you were born, boy.

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