The Tomorrow People Review: Knocking on Heaven's Door

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When I saw that John had been captured at the end of The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 8, I thought that meant we would be spending a lot of time in Ultra this week.

But on The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 9, John escaped rather quickly and it turned out there was a lot more story to be had after that. 

Jedikiah's role in this week's episode caught me off guard. I knew that he cared about Morgan, but I didn't suspect just how deep those feelings were. It wasn't so much that he agreed to trade Morgan for John because, honestly, I think he was looking for an excuse to help John escape.

John's Dangerous Situation

Of course Jedikiah couldn't help John out himself, but I think he was secretly happy that the Tomorrow People came in and forced his hand. 

What really got me though was the way that Jedikiah kept going out of his way to protect Morgan. First by sending her underground with the Tomorrow People and then by faking her death so that the Founder could read his mind and not find any trace of her. A part of me had thought there was a chance he was just using her, but I guess he really is in love. 

Oh God, he's even creepier when he's happy.


But let's move on to the more important aspects of this episode, specifically those involving Stephen and his discoveries about limbo. Much like many of you, I too had thought that the reason Stephen saw his father was because he had been close to death at the time of his "vision."

I wasn't sure if that meant his father was dead or just in an alternate dimension and after this episode, I'm still not sure. 

The whole reason you guys tracked me down was so that I could find him. So either you believe that I'm the chosen one or you don't.


So Stephen went down for a minute (anybody else get Flatliners flashbacks during that scene? No? Just me?) and then gasps awake to announce that he saw his father and they need to find Roger's body. I'm still confused about exactly what that means.

I mean if Roger was shot and died in John's arms, wouldn't someone have buried his body or cremated it or something? If not, then who was it that got to his body and saved it? Also, what was Roger's plan for going into limbo, did he not expect to end up stuck there, like, forever if they never found Stephen?

This ability you've been hiding. It may feel evil, but today it is a gift.


Overall, I'm a tad disappointed by the fall finale. As a regular episode, it would've been fine, but I expected a lot from a midseason finale. Stephen's revelation about his father wasn't much of a cliffhanger and every other story arc was a little too wrapped up for my liking. I'm still intrigued enough to watching though, if for the John and Jedikiah relationship alone. 

My favorite bits:

  • Russell and Cara remarking that Jedikiah had a type when they realized how feisty Morgan was. 
  • Jedikiah saying goodbye to John. Something tells me there was more going on there. 
  • Jedikiah admitting that he was in love with a paranormal. 
  • John apologizing for punching Stephen in the jaw, before he'd actually done it. 
  • Aha! I knew that goodbye kiss was more than just a goodbye. 
  • Jedikiah asking the Tomorrow People to protect Morgan. 
  • Stephen watching his father on the video. 
  • John admitting that he killed Stephen's father. 
  • Stephen realizing that his father made John kill him so that he could stop time at the time of his death. 
  • Astrid joking that she had no idea what Cara saw in John. 
  • Finding out that Jedikiah had only faked killing Morgan. I'm with Cara, that man really is an evil genius. 

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