I want you to tell me the truth about my father. All my life, I never understood something because why would they kill a British diplomat, unless they knew that he had done something worth killing him for? They were trying to get rid of him or perhaps cover something up. Turns out, I was right. He was a traitor, Michael. He worked for the Russians. He was a double agent, and he betrayed his country and everyone he knew. Which means that, throughout my whole childhood, the man I loved was a lie. But I think you knew.


Now, as I understand it, you are the two most wanted human beings in this whole hilarious world right now. And it seems that not only the CIA but all of the major agencies are looking for you, and the use of lethal force has been deemed acceptable in pursuit of you.


It's over, Violet.


I loved her, and I miss my daughter every day.


Michael: I'm still, still in love with you. You know that? Our girl would have been 10. Can you remember her face?
Imogen: Yes. Every day.

Your city sucks. Your intelligence services are twenty years out of date. I like your food.


When are you going to stop underestimating her? If Imogen is there, she's very close to making her plan work. You do it American style and she will run.


Imogen: I need to ask you a question. Did you ever see any signs of Russian involvement in this plot?
Adilah: Yes. The man you saw in Paris, Emir. He would often speak to someone on a cell in Russian.
Imogen: Anything else?
Adilah: The truck that got me out of Raqqa was a Russian military truck. Why?
Imogen: I've come to believe that the Russians are behind this attack. You and it are just their cover. They are using you as a pawn in their sick game of retaliation against the US.

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.


Imogen: Is Emir Yasmina's father?
Adilah: No. I don't know who Yasmina's father is. After the bomb in the hotel, I ran away. They found me, and when they bring you back, they do things to you. It could have been any of them.

Emir: Adilah, the organization, our commanders, everyone thinks you've gone to the other side. I don't want to, but it's hard for me not to. Are you an informant for the British agent?
Adilah: No, it's not true. You tell them that it's not true. I'm only using her to find out what they know and I'm using her as a shield for protection. She's working with the Americans. If I don't stay with her, they will find me, and they will capture me. And we will not be able to go through with the plan

I will still help you, but you have to prove your loyalty. She has to be killed, and you have to do it. Today.


The Veil Quotes

Imogen: I speak French.
Adilah: Yes, but your accent is very bad.

Tomas: Everything will be completed once we get to Berlin and you have been invaluable.
Imogen: Thank you, Tomas. I don't think you'll feel the same in a moment when Interpol arrives, though.
Tomas: What are you talking about? Who are you?
Imogen: I'm the person who has recorded and memorized every move you've made and every word you've said for the last 37 days.