It's nice to have a dad.

Katie [to Nick]

Katie: Liam, did you mean what you said after I got hit by the bike?
Liam: I'm still here, aren't I?

Nick: Now Im'a let you say it, only because you're moments away from a terrifying surgery.
Patricia: Plot thickens.
Nick: Feel better?
Patricia: Much.

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I will attend my surgery. But I will not let this cancer take me from my girls.

Patricia [to Ron]

Gabe: Pop, what's wrong?
Enzo: I wanna get married again.

You do have a talent, you know. It's making people feel like they're not alone.

Nick [to Sarah]

It's me. Ava, don't do this. If you run now, you'll never be able to come back again. And I need you to come back. Ava, please. Do not let these people make you into a criminal.


Sarah: You wanna help me deface your property?
Ethan: I wanna ask for your number. Defacing my property just gives me a clever way to earn it.

Gabe: You don't want to be defiant.
Ava: I am defiant.
Gabe: Let us be defiant for you.

Patricia: I don't know why we're packing. You're coming right back here.
Ava: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

I am a good mother. But if want you want is to cut me out, I'll give you that, too.

Sarah [to Katie]

Dana: You drove by because you wanted a divorce. You should have been honest.
Ben: I didn't want to hurt you.
Dana: I lost a son. What's a little more?

The Village Quotes

Gabe: It's kinda crazy you met all your best friends at an amusement park.
Enzo: Family is where you find it, kid.

Sarah: You know, most people don't have a lifelong friend.
Enzo: I guess I'm most people now.