The questions you are asking require knowledge that's been lost to time. And knowledge like that is usually lost for a reason.


Ciri: Graduates of the temple school are known to become midwives, historians, healers...
Geralt: And witchers.

Enjoy your last walk across the meadow and through the mist. Be not afraid of her for she is your friend.


You don't really give a shit about what I want. All you care about is your damn duty. As long as I'm breathing, you've done your part. I need more than that.


You want to kill yourself trying to become a mutant so if you survive, you can kill yourself trying to get revenge.


The Witcher Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Fenn: It's probably pure coincidence that Emhyr wants the princess with the secret power to shatter monoliths for her claim to a throne that he already took by force.
Codringher: You know, Fenn, I've been thinking. How could we get answers faster? More sarcasm.

I know for a fact a drop of her blood could change the world. In the wrong hands, she will destroy it.