Without that horn, I can't make a living.


Cosmically speaking, the more cocks that get sucked in the world, the better for humanity.


It's called YouTube. Anyone can put anything on there, isn't that cool?


Toni: Davis, you do not motherfuck the national guard.
Davis: I just want my city back.

Welcome. To the city that care forgot.


You can't throw me out. I'm your boyfriend. Kind of. Maybe not on a consistent basis. But I'm a friend... with benefits. You find me charming.


This is New Orleans, dawg. Police ain't gonna come. If they do, they'll start shoving us out of the way and looting.


Davis: You tell me all you wanna do is get high, play trumpet and barbecue in New Orleans your whole life?
Kermit: That'll work.

Davis: Consignment means: Shit be mine.

You think the mob would have dragged ass like FEMA, left little old ladies on the rooftops?


I ain't seen my brother since the storm. None of us have.


It's NPR. The N stands for "nuance."


Treme Quotes

The flooding of New Oreleans was a man-made catastrophe. A federal fuck-up of epic proportions.


I'm this close to getting a new water heater. Think you could float me a loan?


Treme Music

  Song Artist
Lake charles 1 Lake Charles Lucinda Williams iTunes
Think deep Think Deep Coleman Hawkins iTunes
Right place wrong time Right Place, Wrong Time Dr. John iTunes