You should be proud. Look at me, I'm doing better than even you did. I ain't serving Matthew, he's serving me.


Rosalee: Tell me about it.
Noah: About what?
Rosalee:The house you gon build for us.

Corra: Mistress sold her off after master hung himself.
Rosalee: And James?
Corra: He up in the big house now. With you, gone, mistress has taken him on like one of her own. He her favorite now.

They only care about our names when they buying, selling, or hunting us.


Bill:I'll tell you what. I never believed in God more than I do right now
Rosalee: Wait! Don't, please. I'm carrying a child!
Bill: That don't change nothing.

She's sneaky, and a liar, and she planning to run. If you love me, you'll punish her for what she done to me.


You owed blood but you can't have mine.


Devi: I have heard some of them talking about selling me into slavery.
Cato: No, that's not going to happen.
Devi: I'm not even American. They can't do this!
Cato: Yes, they can but they won't.

Freeman: You can't do this. I got my papers! I'm a freeman. A freeman!
Cato: Ain't none of us free.

Clara: You want off this island you go make me that poison. We clear?
Ernestine: We clear.

Killing, that's a dark place you don't want to go to. Trust me, I know.


Rosalee, look at me. We got to be patient. Listen, the plan has changed, but the end result is the same. We ain't gon leave this plantation without yo kin. Trust me.


Underground Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Trader: $7 to sell free men into the space trade...
Patty: Well, it's nothing so harsh. It's just a case of misidentification. For example, there's a girl, real pretty East Indian number. She has no business being here in the States, but it doesn't matter that her shade of brown is a little different. I know a few men, deep down, who will pay a pretty penny to put those ruby lips to use.

Cato: What do you want from me?
Patty: Trust. It's how you get people to let their guard down, and people trust those who look like them more than they trust those who do not.