We have an army now. And we're going to rein hell on the visitors.


Erica: No more reacting to Anna. We strike first. We strike hard. Who's with me?
Jack: I was a soldier once. I can be a soldier again.

Lisa: How do I know I can trust you?
Diana: Because we share the same enemy; your mother.

Anna: If you want to destroy me, try harder.
Diana: Oh, I will.

Anna: Unlike you I have no weaknesses.
Diana: Than why do you have to prove yourself to me?

Anna: Is Mr. Hobbes in position?
Thomas: Yes, my Queen. He's on site and awaits your order.

(to Erica) We have so much time to make up for.


Erica: You betrayed me. And Jack. I gave you my word. I'll do everything I can to protect your daughter, but I can't forgive you.
Ryan: I'm sorry.
Erica: It's too late.

Erica: I only see two ways outta here for you: dead or in cuffs.
Eli: There might be a third way.

Tyler: I'm really glad your back, Dad.
Joe: Me too.

You're right. Everyone showed up. Everyone except for me. I didn't get a call.


(to Erica) Make no mistake, either by my hands or your Ryan Nichols is going to die.


V Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

(to Marcus) I will hunt down and kill Eli Cohen and the Fifth Column. They will pay for what they've done.


It's not going to be of peace, always anymore.