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Anna tells Marcus that she will seek vengeance against the Fifth Column and Eli Cohen.  Anna meets with Ryan and gives his baby bliss. She tells him that he must track down Eli and kill him. Ryan tries to, but gets captured.  Erica gets word from Eli that they have Ryan and goes in to speak to them.

Kyle tells Erica that Ryan must pay for being a traitor and ruining their only shot at killing Anna.

Anna puts in an anonymous tip where Ryan is to the FBI. The FBI decide to not inform Erica because they think she’s dirty.  When the FBI arrive, Erica realizes that she did not get the call.  She tells Eli that she’ll be held as a hostage which gives them both the way out they need.

Anna watches the news and can see that Erica is being held as a hostage. She decides to use this to their advantage and gets Lisa to call Tyler knowing that Joe would try and save Erica.

Joe does exactly what Anna predicted.  Anna sends Kyle in to kill Erica and Joe..

Eli tells Erica that his time is up and gives Erica the reigns.

The hostages escape, but Kyle lets the bombs explode leading to a massive shooting. One of the snipers kills Joe.  Tyler believes that his father’s death is Erica’s fault. He leaves to live aboard with Anna.

Chris tells the FBI that the investigation into Erica is over.

Lisa finds where her mother has been hiding Diana. Diana tells her not to say anything yet.

The episode ends with Erica meeting with Jack, Chad, and Kyle. She tells him that Eli left his army to her. They are no longer going to be waiting around for Anna. They will strike now and reign hell on the Visitors.

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V Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

(to Marcus) I will hunt down and kill Eli Cohen and the Fifth Column. They will pay for what they've done.


It's not going to be of peace, always anymore.