Beth: You should buy a smaller table, Dad.
John: I remember a time when every seat at this table was filled.
Beth: No, you don't. That's not a memory. That's a dream.

I realized something last night. The only way to protect my father's legacy is to destroy the man. I didn't realize it would be this hard.


Cowboys: Don't put your hat on the bed!
Kayce: I don't believe in that shit.

Donnie: Drifter pulled a knife on him. Your boy took it too far. He took it way too far. But I'm not gonna press charges against a veteran. I don't mind the message it sends drifters. This don't change anything with your wrangler.
John: Dan Jenkins is not the future, Donnie. You know it as well as I do.
Donnie: I wish I could snap my fingers and make these pirates go away, but I can't.
John: You can, but you don't have the stomach for it. Which is a damn shame, because once upon a time you did.

Walker: There's something evil about this place, you feel that? Like this land don't want us here, but here we are.
Beth: I've felt that way my whole life.

Beth: What was that about? Hey! What was that about?
Rip: It's not my place to tell you.
Beth: I can't help him if I don't know.
Rip: You can't help him with this, Beth.
Beth: I'm trying to get a handle on all these messes. So just don't do anything reckless.
Rip: It's good advice. Maybe you should take it yourself.
Beth: Men are such fucking children. I thought I made it clear, this isn't exclusive.
Rip: I don't care who you fuck, Beth. I care about you. And I thought we knew each other better than that.

Rip: You ought to listen to this, sir. They're building a casino and a 400-room hotel that goes right up against your fence.
John: Rainwater and Jenkins are working together. When I'm gone, they will gobble this place up, and I don't have a child who can fight it. They're not ready. I'm runnin' out of time and I don't have a child who can protect this place.

Jamie: What can I do for you, Miss Kendall?
Sarah: My name is Nguyen. Sarah Nguyen. You should look it up. [After Jamie does] What I've learned in the last few weeks is that you are a good man. Your father is not. Soon the whole country will know what I know. My question for you is whether you want to be a subject of this story or a source.

Avery: Why can't I have a real job? I can help you with horses. I can help you with tack. Hell, I'm doing that right now.
Rip: How are you gonna help me with horses?
Avery: I break colts.
Rip: You break colts?
Avery: I bet I could outride every ranch hand at the Yellowstone. It's all in the hips, and you know I have hips.
Rip: Avery, I can't have you in the bunkhouse with a bunch of punch-drunk cowboys. It ain't no place for a woman.
Avery: I can handle myself. If one of those cowboys gets randy with me, I'll break his fuckin' jaw.

Beth: I need your credit card, your bank card, and the keys to your truck.
Jamie: I spent my whole life fighting for this family, and now I'm not a part of it?
Beth: You can't unmake family, but you can take their gold card.

Rip: How much time do you have left?
John: Don't know.
Rip: What does the doctor say?
John: I'm done with doctors.
Rip: I'm sorry to hear that, sir.
John: John.
Rip: I'm sorry to hear that, John.

Jimmy: I put my hat on the bed, and I called the horse by the wrong name.
Rip: Jimmy, you got to stop listening to those yahoos in the bunkhouse. I don't believe in luck. But I do believe in stupid, cause you prove that every fuckin' day.

Yellowstone Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Ranger: 15 feet or so. That's pretty damn close.
Rip: Close enough for me, sir.
Ranger: It's pretty clear this was self-defense. [To Donnie] I don't know why you'd want to disguise that.

Rip: I was standing right there.
Donnie: I didn't find any casings, because I don't believe him about where he was standing.