Quinn: So I guess we're both Patsy's then. Me for the Cytron explosion, you for shooting the President. Makes you wonder if they're related.
Huck: What do you mean?
Quinn: I mean, whoever set me up for the Cytron explosion must have been pretty unhappy I slipped through their fingers. If they knew you were the guy who took me, first of all they'd be pissed, but more importantly, if they did their homework they'd know you were ex-CIA, and who better to pin the assassination on than someone who's been tossed aside by the government. So who were they, Huck? Who set me up?
Huck: I don't know.
Quinn: You don't know because you never asked, or you don't know because you're still pretending it wasn't you who flew me across the country in Verna Thornton's jet and dumped me in a D.C. hotel room with a brand new identity?
Huck: I never asked.

Scandal Season 2 Episode 9: "Blown Away"
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Scandal Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

I'm new to the field of remote controlled sniper rifles. Is there a trade magazine they send out to enthusiasts, psychopaths, assassins?


[to Harrison] The person they're looking for, the one they think shot the President? That's me.